Happy birthday to the most amazing dork ever♡ (bakagami)

Kaburagi T Kotetsu at your service ★ (‘v’)ゞ

a tutorial wip i’m working on for paigeeworld 

akashi-sama all tangled up

Meme, a tanuki (raccoon) youkai 
he is called the kasashi tanuki. he will have his own story in possibly upcoming story i’m currently writing. 


knb x aquatic animals 
i’m probably going to draw not just the kiseki members. 
kuroko x jellyfish 

doodle: just two of my old ocs at the beach 

Finished with this hoozuki doodle drawing 
the flower crown took too much time but overall i’m happy with this 

second wip of the hoozuki fanart~
working on lighting and a bit of shading as well, why do i work so damn hard on doodles instead of actual drawings that i should work hard on 

a peek at a doodle that i’m drawing right now 
been working on this on and off during the final week orz 

a quick iscribble drawing of kuroha on a kagerou doodle board
enjoy this kuroha while i go off into a hole